Merchant Account vs. Square

It can be said that Square has revolutionized how payments are processed in the world today. Requiring a smartphone and a supplied card reader, processing payments has never been so easy. When the company first began, standard merchant accounts were a chore to open and maintain. Contracts would last for years, come with early cancellation… Continue reading Merchant Account vs. Square

Merchant Account vs. Stripe Payments

If you are considering getting your business a merchant account, or just giving it the capability to handle credit card payments, you’re making a good choice. Stepping into the modern age is the best way to move forward. If you have done your research, you already know the benefits of processing credit cards, as well… Continue reading Merchant Account vs. Stripe Payments

Having a PayPal Account vs. Traditional Merchant Services

With the eCommerce expanding, business owners may be enticed to explore other payment processing options as a departure from traditional merchant services and credit card machines. Both provide online payment processing, but they cater to different areas of the market. Here we can explore the differences between a traditional merchant services account and PayPal. What… Continue reading Having a PayPal Account vs. Traditional Merchant Services

What is NFC Credit Card Processing?

In the world of payment processing, it seems there is an endless amount of ‘language’ specifically associated with the field. NFC (near-field communication), is one of the newer terms to break onto the scene of payment processing. Some think of the NFC compatible processor as an ‘NFC credit card machine’, ‘contactless payment system’ or ‘contactless… Continue reading What is NFC Credit Card Processing?

Top 10 Reasons to Accept Credit Cards

Reason #1- Accepting credit cards adds credibility and builds trust. Grabbing a cardholders attention and establishing a sense of trust in your business is proven to increase a business’s sales. By displaying the logos of the credit cards you accept at your cash register and on your website, you can do just that. Customers have… Continue reading Top 10 Reasons to Accept Credit Cards

Can you use an iPad as a Credit Card Machine?

Using an iPad with a credit card machine offers a quick, secure, and inexpensive method (if you already have one) of payment processing versus a traditional terminal. The cash register has been the star player in sales and transactions for as long as we can remember. While not all merchants are using iPads as their… Continue reading Can you use an iPad as a Credit Card Machine?